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Are you searching a Domain Registration Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh? You can register your domain at most affordable price with the help of Advance Code. If you would like to launch a business or do social works or open a organization or whatever you would like to start, you should register a domain with your entity at first. You may think domain can be registered when your real works start. Yes you can register your domain at the time of your business start. But remember, everyday thousands of new domain are registered. Every domain is unique. So once someone register a domain with certain name, nobody can register a domain with the same name. A good domain name is a sign of your good starting. So if you have any idea to do anything, at first you should register a domain name with that name.

Features of your domain

  • Secure access to Domain Control Panel.
  • Online Registrant change & protection from Domain theft.
  • DNS Server Change.
  • DNS Record Management.
  • Domain Forwarding.
  • Mail Forwarding.

Who is the cheapest Domain Registration Company in Bangladesh?

You must evaluate some criteria before register a Domain. What should you evaluate? First of all, who is the cheapest Domain Registration Company? You have to find out a Domain registration firm in Bangladesh who give you the lowest rate. You need the lowest price because every year you have to renew it. So, if you chose cheapest price for Domain buying, you need to pay more money to the Domain registration agency.

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Who is the cheapest Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh?

Advance Code ready to host your domain. You obviously chose us because we are the top Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh with cheapest prices.

You can use .com, .net, .org, .edu, .ac for your domain name as per your business requirement. Or you can use country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Bangladesh. Our country code domains are DOT BD Domain,,,,, etc. .gov and .mil are restricted by government. These are used by government and defence unit of the country. Top-level domains are regulated by Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, is the sponsoring organisation of .bd ccTLD. Bangladesh Telecommunications Company ltd (BTCL) have been delegated to maintain the registration service.



Question: What is a domain name?

Answer: Domain name is the human-friendly form of Internet address, and is commonly used to find a web site. Say for example Here .net is the top-level domain (“TLD”), advancecode is the second-level domain name, and www is a sub-domain. Domain name is associated with servers in the DNS hierarchy to resolve it to numerical IP address. There are over 250 top level domains (like .com,.bd, .in and .uae). Each has its own rules and regulation for handling registrations and trademark disputes.

Question: Isn’t the domain name registration process “first come first served”?

Answer: Yes, registration process is first come first served. .com, .org and .net, .tv. which are “open” to any kind of register. But you cannot register with .gov or .mil. These are solely used by government and defence military. However, you have no right to violate trademark law, or ignore your Registration Agreement, or engage in cybersquatting just because you registered the name first. In case of .biz and .name, there are additional registration requirements that must be met because they are not open to all. Trademark owners may also have advance registration rights.

Question: Who assign top level domain?

Answer: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) assign top level domain. It is a non-profitable organization.

Question: What is a ccTLD (Country code top level domain)?

Answer: In the web world there is a “country code” for each country to differentiate it from other countries. .bd is country code for Bangladesh.

Question: Who is the authority to control .bd domain?

Answer: Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh is the authority to control .bd domain. However Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd (BTCL) has been delegated the power to maintain the .bd registration service. Question: What is the benefit of using .bd domain? You can tell your visitors that you are from Bangladesh through your domain name.
To learn more about top level Domain, please visit the link: Top level domain (ccTLD) for Bangladesh

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