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Defiantly you need a web hosting provider for developing your website because you need to host your website content in the hosting server. Advance code is the best Web Hosting Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. You can rely on our website hosting services. As website hosting is must for website development, you have to analyze a lot of things because hosting is a critical issue for a website. A lot of things depend on your hosting quality. So, you need to search a top website hosting firm with highest quality.

What to check before selecting a website hosting prices and packages. Previously I said a lot of things. You need not be expert for it but we will give you lot of information for a web hosting. After reading this, you will get idea who will be the best web hosting service provider in Bangladesh.

First of all, you need to think about your cost and prices of web hosting. Then you need select a top quality website hosting agency. Why cost first? Because you need to renew it every year. So, as a business man, you need to be cost effective. For this reason, you need a cheapest web hosting company in Bd. But very low cost may adversely affect your website hosting and email hosting. Second is quality and quantity. You have to calculate how much web hosting space you need is for your business or others. Which quality you have to analyze for choosing web hosting company is another important factor. You will get answers all of them in this post.

Now I am giving ideas of cost of website hosting. Different company offers different prices for web hosting. None of the packages and prices are similar at all. So, from a price list, you will select your hosting package. Before selecting it, ask them what is renewal price of this package. Most of the company offer same prices for every year. So, your starting price and renewal price will be same for any package.

Obviously you have right to compare each price and package. After comparing all the package and price, you will choose your one. So, what to compare? Answer is both, hosting quality and price. Try to find a package which is cost effective and hosting has high quality.

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You should consider following factors before selecting hosting provider


Quality of a Web Server

Quality of Server depends on many issues. But most important is response time of server and up time of server. Best quality server response quickly. For this reason, website will be fast. Another thing is server up time. Your server up time will be almost 100%. It never will be 100%. If it is around 99% then that server is top quality server. Server needs to update regularly because technology continuously upgrading. So, cope up with new technology, your server must be up to date.

How to Transfer a Web Hosting to New Web Hosting Company?

Transfer a web hosting is very easy task for an expert. If you have exiting hosting, you can transfer it to any new hosting provider any time but you need a technical person for it.

Is It Possible to Upgrade New Hosting Package?

Yes, you can upgrade your package any time by contacting web hosting provider. But you have to pay for it. You can have downgraded as well. Both is possible for web hosting agency.

Backup your website

If your entire site goes down, what’s your backup plan? Or What’s your vendor’s backup plan? There should be a written deal about backup your data.

Do You Trust Web Hosting Agency?

Can you trust your vendor? Are they trusted for your files or for your personal information? You must need a hosting service provider who is and dependable

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