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Are You looking a website design company?

Are you looking for a way to improve your business, increase sales, and attract more customers? A website is one of the most powerful tools to accomplish your goals. Our websites are irresistible and deliver you results. Advance Code is the best website design and development company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We develop different types of website according to client requirements. We always use latest and modern technology for website development. You may think, who are our clients. We have lot of local and international clients. Our technical knowledge helps to produce high quality website.

If you are searching top website design and development agency from Bangladesh,we will be your first choice. Because we are website development firm which is based on Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Do you need a website? Which type of website you need is does not matter because we are able to produce any types of website. Our highly skilled programmer team will support you for designing your web portal. Please look at our areas of skills for web design. We regularly produce the following websites.

Corporate website, Ecommerce Web, Starter website, NGO website, School and college website, Personal blog, WordPress, Joomla, University website, Small business and Educational website, News portal and many more. Prices of web design and development depend on requirements of website. You can check it from our portfolio.

We have highly skilled web developer team from Bd. Web designer designs lay out of website and web programmer team develop website using latest technique and language. So, you need not to think about quality of web application. Our web development services always accepted by client due to high quality of product.

Why choose us? Here’s why:

  • Your Business First – Your website is thoughtfully crafted with your audience and unique goals in mind.
  • We Handle Everything – Design, the content management system – even content. We do everything ensuring a smooth launch, a great experience, and results.
  • Search Engine Optimized – This isn’t an extra line-item with us. As a part of our process each website we launch includes over 50 steps our team goes through to ensure greatest results for you.
  • We Don’t Outsource – Many companies, and nearly all here in SWFL outsource to another company, or worse, overseas. This leads to delays, poor quality control, poor customer service, and no accountability. Our team is 100% in-house, and on-staff.



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What should to know before starting a website development?


Why you need a website?

Now a day almost everybody has internet connection and uses mobile or laptop. When anyone needs any service or product they search it by using internet through search engine such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. If you have a website, visitor will get your website and has change to sell more products or services. So, a website will advance your business with more sell. Branding is important thing as well. You can brand your services or products by developing a responsive website.

Website is easy way to refer your products. Anyone can visit your website and if website has images, they will easily get information about your products. That will increase your sell. One most important thing is that website is global, anyone can visit from anywhere in the world.

What should analyze before starting your website and your task.

Analysis is must before starting your website design. A bunch of works related with it such as: Establish the aim of your website, Research, research, and research some more, know your target market, choose your domain name wisely, decide on design and layout, plan and create your pages and content, get your images ready, analyze competitor website, Social Media Marketing plan, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing plan, Online Maketing and many more.

After sell support for web design.

Do not think website development is one-time project. It needs to update for different reason Website update is not mandatory for all but you may need it. Again, you may not have technical person in your office. You need to set up your email server or others. We will support you for different tasks which is website related. Sometimes it will be free and sometimes it will be paid. But you will get one-year support after product development.

Requirements of a website development.

Lots of thing related with a website development. First of all, you should to buy a Domain name from any Domain registration company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After buying your Domain, you need to choose a web hosting package from any web hosting company in Bangladesh. You have to renew both Domain price and hosting price every year. Hosting prices and Domain renewal prices are same for every year. This is yearly costing for any website development. A company must have a logo. We also help for logo design, banner design as well. You have to write your company profile and other documents that will be published in website.

Stages of website development.

  • Gathering information of website. Try to find answer of many asking such as: what is the purpose of website?
  • After getting information of website, make a plan of activities.
  • Layout design, mock up design, logo design etc.
  • Development stages: HTML template design, CMS development etc.
  • Content writing and publishing content
  • Testing and delivery of website to client.
  • Website maintenance and other support

Which platform and technology used in website?

Different type of website has different technology. A lot of technology and platform available for website development. You have to choose latest and modern technology for your website development. You need to be expert for it, we will inform you which technology best suit for you.

Payment schedule of website development.

Before start of website development, we generally set up a payment schedule. You should have to pay us according to payment schedule. A smooth payment schedule speeds up web design tasks.

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